Presumably many WoW players have tried WoW SoD. Although it is not satisfactory, the overall gaming experience is still very good.

Just recently, the official announced the release time of WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2, which is scheduled for February 8th. The updated key takeaways are as follows:

The character level cap has been increased from 25 to 40, allowing players to advance their characters to new heights. Increasing the career limit can unlock new recipes and enhance production capabilities. Most importantly, offers the opportunity to earn more gold. In this season, it is still difficult to earn gold coins. You need to buy gold from a trustworthy game currency sales platform like IGGM. And the second stage brings excitement and mystery by deliberately withholding information, enhancing the fun of exploration.

Second phase SoD specific update

Uncovering the Unknown: An interesting aspect of Phase 2 of Season of Discovery is the deliberate withholding of a large amount of information in the hope of increasing players’ thrill of exploration in the game.

Level Cap Increase: The level cap will increase from 25 to 40, allowing characters to mature and take them to the next level.

Career cap increase: This online increase will greatly enhance the crafting experience, providing players with the opportunity to earn more gold coins and build powerful equipment.

31 talent points: As the level cap increases, the character will gain 31 talent points. The expanded talent trees will add a layer of variety to character development, helping players build more in PVE and PVP and solo scenarios.

New Runes: Azeroth is now littered with new runes waiting to be discovered, adding an unpredictable new element to changing class dynamics.

New Areas Online: Embark on a journey of exploration and familiar areas become available. Each area has its own challenges and rewards.

Assault on Gnomeregan: The highly anticipated Assault on Gnomeregan must be one of the most anticipated updates for players, and I hope we can enjoy it by then!

Although it is easier for players to earn gold in Phase 2, if they want to significantly improve their own strength, purchasing gold is still an issue that needs to be considered. I know a well-known game currency sales website, IGGM that sells a lot of game currencies. If you want more gold to enhance your own strength, I think this is a very worthy choice.

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