Since the open beta on February 25, 2022, topics about Elden Ring have been emerging endlessly. Players have made a series of interesting and practical strategies in their own way in this free open world (it is not practical to turn your character into a living tank), and the launch of the Shadow of the Erdtree preview is also for players to have directions for more research.

As the first DLC of Elden Ring, Shadow of the Erdtree will definitely promote the development of the game's storyline. However, players have many guesses about where the storyline will develop. The shadow of the Erdtree lays the groundwork for Elden Ring 2. Players have different opinions, but players don't seem to pay much attention to the sky of origin.

As far as players have explored before, reaching the highest position in the Elden Ring cannot bring the player completely above the clouds. Is it possible that there are other leaders above the clouds, or other worlds? We don't know, but I think it's possible that all of this will be answered after Shadow of the Erdtree goes live. And if you want to know the dynamics about Elden Ring at any time, you may wish to pay attention to the well-known game company IGGM to learn.

In short, players must be looking forward to this DLC very much, and players must be fully prepared for Shadow of the Erdtree. For this DLC, presumably the horn of competition among players is about to sound, and for this Shadow of the Erdtree to achieve something, presumably the necessary Cheap Elden Ring Runes are indispensable. On this basis, I believe Elden Ring Items will also bring players a lot of help.